Getting Youngsters Into Archery

Here at “LandGuys” we love what we do and love why we do it.  I think at the end of the day it is the most basic and simple things in life that really put everything in perspective.  


The other day my oldest son Easton turned 3 years old.  He is already infatuated with the idea of hunting and what better way to grow and develop that idea into a passion than to get him started at a young age. 


I have had many people tell me that he is to young to have a bow and arrow set.  Luckily for Easton, my wife Ashley and I disagree.  His bow and arrow set was one of his favorite presents.  He loves to shoot it and we shoot every day.  He already understands the basics of how to pull and shoot his bow, even though he hasn’t quite figured out if he wants to be left or right handed, I personally am hoping he becomes ambidextrous . 


He also understands the idea of safety and that we do not shoot the bow at people or when people are in front of us.  He only shoots 5 or 6 arrows before his little mind races off to something else, but as you can see in the pictures he has to take that bow with him everywhere.  I almost turned him in for riding around with an uncased bow, but I don’t think he can read and comprehend the full extent of the law.  Who can??? 


On a little more serious note; but still on the same concept of family, I love to hang out with my wife and kids and it is absolutely the most precious part of my life.  Spending time in the outdoors has its obvious risks, but just the other day I found my first tick crawling on me during the 2015 season and I feel it is important to remind everyone to protect themselves from the dangers that tick bites can create.  Lyme Disease is obviously the most common, but a new disorder called Alpha-gal has immerged, and has already infected one of the LandGuys brokers and family.  Please take the necessary precautions to protect yourselves and your family in the near future. Here is a link to a website describing what Alpha-gal is.


-Matt Cox

Easton Outlaw Easton First Bow2First tick