Before Selling: 5 Ways To Improve The Appeal Of Your Property

Improving the appeal of your property will get it sold faster and for more money. If you are serious about selling, we suggest investing some time and sweat equity to help get your property ready for the market. Here are five ways you can increase curb appeal.

For Land

Make trails accessible. Mowing and keeping trails free of downed trees or deep washouts is helpful when buyers are walking or riding around your property. Well maintained trails can make the property seem bigger and lets the buyer know how much care the property has had. Keeping trails maintained requires frequent work, especially during the summertime when vegetation grows quickly, and storms knock trees and branches down often. If you cannot give your property the attention it needs, you may consider hiring a local contractor to do this work for you. It’s worth it.

Install wildlife food plots. We deal with many buyers interested in quality hunting properties. If a property already has food plots established, ready for the fall hunting season, it is more attractive. It means the buyer is more likely to have quality hunting opportunities right away. These turn-key properties typically sell for a higher price than properties that are un-developed.

Our real estate brokers have strong local networks and may be able to recommend a contractor who can help you get these services taken care of.

Mark property boundaries. Marking boundary lines will make it easier for buyers to make informed decisions. It is likely that an interested buyer will want to see a good amount of the property before buying it. Well defined boundaries make it easier and faster for buyers to know exactly what they are buying. A buyer may still request a survey before closing.

For Homes

Clean up. Be sure your home is kept clean and neat throughout the time it is for sale. This includes outside, it is the first thing a prospective buyer sees when they arrive to look at your home. Tree branches in your yard and bark mulch that washed out of your landscaping should be kept neat as well. Going through the extra effort to keep the inside and outside of your home clean and neat will invite more prospects in and you’ll sell your property faster.

Fix things that are broken. Replacing burnt out lightbulbs, filling potholes in your driveway, and even giving some walls a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. It demonstrates you have been good caretakers of your home which increases the buyer’s trust that the home will be in sound condition for years to come.