Flatwood Natives is comprised of a group of outdoorsman that share a passion for land stewardship.  Our goal is to provide land managers/hunting operations with the highest quality products for their tree plotting needs.  We are a Habitat Solutions company dedicated to enhancing your lands productivity.  We grow all the most desirable species that whitetail deer and other wild game crave.  Growing hardier trees and shrubs for your hunting grounds is what our ultimate goal has been and will always be.

What is a Tree Plot?

A Tree Plot is a common area where whitetails and other wildlife go to eat. Whether it be hard or soft mast, a planted orchard or grove of fruiting trees provides a nutritional hotspot for whitetails to frequent for decades. Tree plots provide a low maintenance long-term food source and add property value for generations to come.

Flatwood Natives provides a variety of soft and hard mast tree packages that are individually designed to meet the land owner’s needs based on hardiness zone, sunlight requirements, soil type and pH, hydrologic conditions, topography and terrain, spacing requirements, and naturally occurring dominant tree species.  Flatwood Natives can help plan the perfect tree plot location and provide high-quality trees for hunting success.

Flatwood Natives offers a Growth/Protection Kit

A tree plot kit is a package of items that we feel will greatly increase your trees survival.  Each item has a specific purpose for your trees growth rate and protection from mother-nature.

The tree plot kit includes:

  • 1 oz packet of Moisture retainer and slow release fertilizer
  • 3×3 Weed mat and ground staples
  • 5’ Tree protector tube
  • ½” schedule 40 pvc stake with zip ties

If you are in need of more assistance with your habitat management planning, Flatwood Natives also offers onsite consulting as well as soil sampling analysis.  Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions.  We welcome all inquiries about wildlife management.  Get started today by giving us a call at (863)767-0446.

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