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Wisconsin SoldMonroe County

139 Acres $820,100


  • 45 acres tillable
  • 2+ miles of field edge
  • Tucked away coves for food plots
  • East side access for prevailing west winds
  • Multiple rock outcrops and ditches that funnel deer movement
  • South facing wooded hillsides, deer bedding structure
  • Lightly hunted
  • Monroe County is known for quality trophy-class whitetails and good deer numbers
  • Mature hardwood timber with some value

Acreage Income

  Total Tillable Timber
Acres +/- 1394560
Income +/-
Wisconsin Land Agent

Justin Bernklau

  • Cell: 262-309-2171
  • Office: 217-899-1240
Wisconsin Managing Broker

Luke Wessel

  • Cell: 608-295-8395
  • Office: 217-899-1240
  • Fax: 309-213-1642
Iowa Broker Associate & Wisconsin Agent

Zack Sisk

  • Cell: 309–840-1182
  • Office: 217-899-1240
  • Fax: 309-211-6442

Property Description

(SOLD)-This 139-acre tract in Monroe County, WI has all the ingredients available needed for anyone in the market that has been in search of their “dream farm”. The parcel offers easterly access off a hard surface road, which also is favorable for a perfect access wind with the prevailing westerly winds. The properties’ topography lays out for top ridge access with the heart of the property lying to the South and west of the access point. The North property line runs along the top ridge access allowing for minimal disturbance to the Southern fingers and bedding points. The mature hardwood ridges encase 45.73 acres of FSA tillable. The timber and field edges naturally help create multiple stand and food plot locations by forming multiple inside corners and coves. As it is known, Whitetails are edge dwelling creatures, and this farm offers over 2+ miles of field edge and edge habitat. Favorable edge habitat is the linchpin for healthy deer and turkey populations a like. From a hunting perspective, the amount of edge can be difficult to hunt at times but placing a few strategic food plots near the easier accessed inside corners and coves or near some of the South facing bedding points, could change the way that this farm hunts in a big way. The fingers of mature hardwood timber are accompanied by multiple rock outcroppings and ditches that collect natural deer movement and form excellent rut funnels. One of our first thoughts about this farm was that there was plenty of bedding opportunity with all the southerly facing ridges, but key features that this farm possess is the natural security and escape cover that is provided to the deer specifically in the far west tillable field in the Southwest portion of that tillable. Just to the east of that SW tillable portion, you will find a large timbered draw (Finger) that has a well-used southerly facing bedding points. It is within this draw, stands a large grove of mature Red Oak that could attribute to some timber value if desired or provide a great mast crop for natural browse for deer and turkey.

If you are in the market for quality trophy class whitetails, with good deer herd numbers, then this Monroe County farm is one that you will not want to miss. Contact Luke, Justin, or Zack if you have any questions or would like to set up a showing.


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