Spring Snow Storm!

Every year we have our annual waterfowl migration with snow geese giving us the greatest display! This year didn’t disappoint as tens of thousands of geese passed thru the central part of the state with Speckled Belly’s and Giant Canada’s mixed in the bunch. With Snow’s living beyond 20 years, it’s truly amazing how adept they are at surviving. Case in-point…I spent the morning driving central IL in search of “clouds of geese” and it didn’t take long to find one. As I pulled over and dragged my white 600mm lense and tripod out to set up the main flock was only 60-70 yds away and didn’t spook. I went on photographing the birds for a good 15 minutes when a truck drove past, pulled over and 2 guys in camo jumped out with shotguns and began to “sneak” up on the flock. Even though the birds hadn’t spooked by my presence…the appearance of the 2 “new” guys was perceived as a threat and the entire flock exploded in the air with a deafening sound of panic. Funny thing was they had only stepped into the field a few feet and were further away from the flock as myself? At least it gave a few more opportunities at some “impressionistic” images!

-Don Wagner