Wood Duck Boxes on Any Piece of Land

I truly believe that most hunters are true stewards of the land. I think in most situations, land owners truly take pride in their ground and doing improvements and habitat projects is the perfect example of why hunters are the best thing to happen to our wildlife.

This week my dad called me to help repair some wood duck boxes that were either blown off the tree with some of the high winds we have been having, or a big raccoon was trying to get in the boxes, either way it is little things like this that make the difference in being true stewards of the land.


Woodduck boxes 604

Wood duck boxes for the most part should be put in place before March 1st, but a wood duck will still try to nest this time of year. As you can see in the pictures, we place our wood duck boxes in clusters making it easier for us to do all the annual maintenance and up keep. We still have a good amount of nesting activity even though they are so close together.

Woodduck boxes 623

Even if you are a deer hunter that doesn’t care about duck hunting, putting wood duck boxes on your property is a relatively cheap and rewarding way to be a true steward of the land. You don’t need a lake or a pond on your property to have a successful wood duck nest, any type of year-round creek or river will provide the necessary brooding habitat to get the ducklings up and moving. If you have any interest in putting wood duck boxes on your property next year, here is a helpful link from Ducks Unlimited that can get you started.



Woodduck boxes 617